Marketing your certification

All you need to know to market your certification

How do I use the Landscape Industry Certified name?

All certified individuals are under one name of  “Landscape Industry Certified” and are able to use this name to indicate that they are certified.  In situations where you want to highlight your specific specialty, you are welcome to refer to yourself as “Landscape Industry Certified, Landscape Designer,” for example. 
Landscape Industry Certified will not be shortened, although if necessary, individuals can use the acronyms CLT (Technician), CHT (Retail Horticulturist), CLD (Designer), CLM (Manager).  The full name is preferred over the acronym.

How can I get the new logo for my marketing materials?
Electronic versions of the logo and its variations are available for free to all certified individuals from the CNLA office.  To obtain your package, please call or email the CNLA office (1-888-446-3499 , 

  • Lapel Pin
  • Digital Embroidery File
  • Digital Logo Package
  • Replacement Passport
  • Replacement Certificate
  • Bumper Sticker (9" x 3")
  • Window Cling (4.5" x 3.5")
  • Window Decal (4.5" x 3.5")
  • Embroidered Crests (3" x 1.25")

Why did we change the logos?

The Landscape Industry Certified brand began in 2010.  The number of certified people is continuing to increase throughout Canada and the United States.  Now that we are reaching a critical mass, we can start to achieve greater recognition, both by the industry and the public.  The idea of marketing one single brand was brought about so that certification is more easily recognizable and understood by the buying public.  

How can I distinguish my certification from other specialties?
The brand allows for one large group of certified people, but also has alternate versions that allow individuals to highlight their specialties of Technician, Designer, Manager, or Retail Horticulturist.  This gives everyone an opportunity to display their specific skills.  

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