Victor Santacruz, CAE, CLM

ext 8600

Executive Director

Cheryl Gall

ext 8640

Executive Assistant

Professional Development

Bill Kiervin

ext 8635

Pro. Development and Retail Sector Manager

Jason Young

ext 8620

Professional Development

Edith Oyosoro

ext 8650

Professional Development & CNCI

Leslie Sison

ext 8660

Industry Human Resources Coordinator

Member Services

Rebecca Doutre, CAE

ext 8680

Member Services & Landscape Priorities Manager

Christine Finn

ext 8655

Member Programs / Landscape NL ED

Teagan Giddings

ext 8645

Member Services

Growers Canada

Rita Weerdenburg

ext 8686

Growers Manager

Peter Isaacson

ext 8686

IPM and Minor Use Coordinator

Communications & Public Relations

Anne Beifuss

ext 8690

Communications Specialist

Andrew Dmytrasz

ext 8625

Communications Coordinator

Office Administration

Linda Wiesner