Victor Santacruz, CAE, CLM

ext 8600

Executive Director

Cheryl Gall

ext 8640

Executive Assistant

Industry Human Resources & Government Relations

Christine Finn

ext 8655

Government Relations / Landscape NL ED

Leslie Sison

ext 8660

Industry Human Resources Coordinator

Tim Kearney, CLM

ext 8610

National Garden & Landscape Canada Committee

Professional Development

Bill Kiervin

ext 8635

Pro. Development and Retail Sector Manager

Edith Oyosoro

ext 8650

Professional Development & CNCI

Member Services

Rebecca Doutre, CAE

ext 8680

Member Services & Landscape Priorities Manager

Teagan Giddings

ext 8645

Member Services

Growers Canada

Rita Weerdenburg

ext 8686

Growers Manager

Peter Isaacson

ext 8686

IPM and Minor Use Coordinator

Communications & Public Relations

Andrew Dmytrasz

ext 8625

Communications Coordinator

Office Administration

Lauryn Mullan

ext 8620

Administrative services

Linda Wiesner