Canadian Landscape Standard


The purpose of this Standard is to document acceptable Canadian landscape construction practices as agreed upon by the CSLA, the CNLA, government authorities and other industry associations.

Using the standard

The single, authoritative resource for landscape construction projects across Canada.

This first edition of the Canadian Landscape Standard has been prepared by a joint Standing Committee of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA), and the Canadian Nursery & Landscape Association (CNLA). The initial 2016 publication of the Canadian Landscape Standard has evolved and expanded with the voluntary efforts of a wide range of individuals and organizations.  

This Standard sets guideline and makes recommendations for all major aspects of the landscape industry. It is intended that the Canadian Landscape Standard will set guidelines for landscape construction projects across Canada. It is intended for use by anyone who specifies landscape work, including landscape architects, landscape designers, municipal parks, planning departments, procurement departments, and allied organizations. It is intended for landscape contractors to support them in the bid process. Furthermore, it supports industry related educational and training programs. 

Although the standard is not a specification, it will help streamline the specification writing process by referencing one nationally recognized industry standard. This first edition of the Canadian Landscape Standard has been thoroughly reviewed by the Canadian Landscape Standard Steering Committee contributors and reviewers from across Canada and reflects the best practices of the industry. The CSLA and CNLA recognize this Canadian Landscape Standard as the national standard for the landscape industry.


The CSLA and the CNLA humbly dedicate the Canadian Landscape Standard to all the volunteers from the British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects (BCSLA) and the British Columbia Nursery Landscape Association. They envisioned the BC Landscape Standard and through their leadership, turned that vision into reality. Landscape architects Ken McKillop and David Mitchell, and nursery growers John Mathies (Cannor Nurseries) and Don Fraser (NorthWest Landscape Supply) worked alongside Dr. John Neill (founder of the landscape architecture program at the University of British Columbia) to create the BC Landscape Standard. We are deeply indebted to these visionaries.


CSLA and CNLA wish to express sincere appreciation for the contributions of many industry subject matter experts, from the landscape architecture and landscape professions who contributed to the 2016 publication. The CSLA and CNLA extend a special acknowledgement to the following representatives of the industry.  

Standing Committee Members

Paul Doornbos

Thornbusch Landscaping Company Inc.


Don Hester



Bruce Hunter

Hunter Landscape Design Limited

British Columbia

Ron Koudys

Ron Koudys Landscape Architects Inc.


Michelle Legault

Canadian Society of Landscape Architects

Ontario (National Representative)

Christene LeVatte, Chair

Highland Landscapes For Lifestyle

Nova Scotia (National Representative)

Jacqueline Lowe

ISL Engineering & Land Services

British Columbia

Tim Murray

Murray’s Landscape and Horticultural Services Ltd.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Jack Payne

Classic Landscapes Limited


Ben Scholten

Scholten’s Landscape Ltd.

New Brunswick

Contributors and Review Team Members

Clinton Pinks

CBCL Limited

Nova Scotia

Tracey Mackenzie

Dalhousie University

Nova Scotia

David Stenhouse

Highland Landscapes for Lifestyle

Nova Scotia

Matthew Mills

Tract Consulting Inc.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Boyd Loveless

NutriLawn N&L Lawn Care Ltd.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Dan Glenn

Glenn Group Ltd.

New Brunswick

Alan White

Turf Systems Inc.


Glenn Curtis

Plantenance Inc.


Brent Vanderkruk

Connon Nurseries/NVK Holdings Inc.


Carole Labrecque