Agri-Marketing Campaign for Members

Multi-Year Agri-marketing Campaign for Members

The “Plants Love You” campaign focuses on a sustainable, environmental approach to market Canadian horticulture products for their health and environmental benefits. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the numerous benefits of plants, including improving our physical and mental health, mitigating climate change, and positively impacting the economy.

Plants Love You 2024 Theme:

“What can you do to help create a cleaner and greener planet?" Plants are your answer!


Six public call-to-action answers are featured:

  1. Plant and Nurture Natural Air Cleaners Plants absorb CO2 (carbon dioxide) caused by emissions and produce the clean O2 (oxygen) we breathe.
  2. Plant and Nurture the Lungs of Our Cities Plants absorb CO2 (carbon dioxide) caused by emissions and produce the clean O2 (oxygen) we breathe.
  3. Plant and Nurture Natural Air Conditioners Strategic placement of trees in urban areas can cool the air by between 2°C and 8°C.
  4. Plant and Nurture Natural Air Purifiers Plants are natural filters for urban pollutants and tiny particles.
  5. Plant and Nurture Natural Habitat Urban green spaces provide homes for wildlife and plants, increasing urban biodiversity.
  6. Plant and Nurture Natural Health Plans Spending time in urban landscapes improves physical and mental health by increasing energy levels and reducing blood pressure and stress.

Every sector is represented:

  • Growers
  • Retailers
  • Landscape Service Providers
  • Lawn Care Service Providers

How to Take Part

  1. Members will receive online access to member folders containing:
    1. Refreshed Plants Love You logo files
    2. Simplified for improved traditional and digital advertising effectiveness
  2. Shareable Video files (Coming Soon)
  • Plants Are the Answer
  • Plants Are the lungs of Our Cities
  1. Customizable Social media ad files (add your logo and url and share) Use the hashtag #PlantsLoveYou
    1. Facebook
    2. Instagram
    3. Linkedin MUtT3AuAcm4ssUTJKPa39VIoh_iwsekiKfF324ct5c-tMd7D0eA7zgCGLEmTROO0jFkE8Y6q5A0aRRcANzNAFP7L9wJrOXk3qMhnSYC-zquFZV7VVFhEuGD2Kud_WCOtzCQtwqrNo5ObH8O8YM2VMHmILw=s2048
  2. Ad templates (Coming Soon)
    1. Use content for creating your ads.

How Much Can You Save?

  • Save up to 25% subsidy* for simply adding the Plants Love You logo to your advertising. Screenshot-2024-03-27-at-13.52.30.png#asset:8623
  • Save up to 50% subsidy* for using prepared social media ads and boosting ads on your social media platforms.


  • Save up to 50% subsidy* for adding the Plants Love You logo and “Plants Are Your Answer” messaging and creative to your advertising.


Ad Subsidies Available for CNLA Members

Contact us to participate:

Nicole Xavier
Member Services Coordinator
1 (888) 446-3499 ext 8625