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CNLA Grower Survey – Please respond to support advocacy with AAFC

To support the second item, AAFC has asked us to quantify the losses experienced and expected if things continue as they are now.

In advocating for the nursery sector, CNLA along with Flowers Canada Growers and Quebec Vert are requesting the following support from AAFC to help ease the financial stress now facing the ornamental sector in Canada:

  • An unequivocal designation of the sector as essential by the Government of Canada
  • Implementation of a financial relief plan outside of existing business risk management programs
  • Changes to AgriStability that would increase coverage to 85%, from the current 70% and raise the payment cap to $5million from $3million
  • Assuring access to the Advance Payment Program for growers in AB, SK and MB

AAFC has asked us to quantify the losses experienced and expected if things continue as they are now. I developed a survey a survey for primary producers to help CNLA estimate the amount of financial aid growers across Canada will need. All growers can access the survey on Survey Monkey here. All responses will be held in strictest confidence and no individual responses will be shared.Flowers Canada has released a survey to its members too, and we will combine responses to provide the full impact to ornamental horticulture in Canada.

CNLA Growers Committee met last week and it was clear that the scope of the challenges growers face are very significant and vary region to region. Where work is not yet under full swing, the labour shortages due to late arriving seasonal workers are uppermost in growers minds. While in BC, growers are facing very serious financial difficulties and laying off staff because of an abrupt cancellation of orders. CNLA is addressing both of these issues through daily calls and emails with senior AAFC officials.

The more grass roots information we can give AAFC to highlight the unique features of the crisis in ornamentals, the better chance we have of success.

It’s tough out there right now for all of us. Look after yourself. Take care.

Jamie Aalbers
Growers Manager

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