Plants Love You

What can I do to help nurture a cleaner and greener planet?

Plants are your answer!

Plants Love You!

We all seek solace and care in our fast-paced, digitally-driven lives amidst economic uncertainties and social challenges. Plants offer more than just an aesthetic boost to our living and working spaces; they're directly linked to our well-being, significantly reducing stress and anxiety and enhancing our health.

Beyond the immediate joy of shade, a tree provides on a sunny day, plants play a crucial role in economic savings through energy conservation, contributing to lower utility bills and enhanced property values. Urban green spaces are vital for counteracting heat islands, making our cities cooler and more bearable in summer.

You might not have realized it, but the presence of plants likely influenced your choice of community and helped increase the value of your home at sale time. The draw of landscaped areas extends to the stores we prefer and the places we choose for family outings.

Plants are indispensable allies in creating sustainable urban ecosystems. They invite essential pollinators, mitigate heat, and act as natural water management systems, preventing flash flooding by absorbing excess rainfall.

The Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA) is on a mission with "Plants Love You" to embed plants as key pillars of a thriving, sustainable future. We aim to foster a deeper appreciation and proactive engagement in greening our spaces by highlighting their invaluable contributions.

We invite you to join this green revolution. Share your stories and support for urban greening with #PlantsLoveYou, and let's cultivate healthier, more vibrant communities together!


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