Plants Love You

What can I do to help nurture a cleaner and greener planet?


Plants are your answer!

In today's fast-paced, technology-dependent world with economic and social stresses, it's no wonder people want to find ways to feel good, loved and cared for. We all know that surrounding our homes, living and working spaces with plants makes them more beautiful to spend time in, but did you know that plants have a direct relationship with your health, reducing stress and anxiety?

We've all enjoyed sitting in the cool shade of a tree on a hot, sunny day, but many people don't know about the significant impact plants can have on home energy savings and bank account balances. In an urban setting, it's even more important for the whole community to grow green spaces to offset heat islands in the summer.

You may not realize it, but plants likely played a part in your decision about which community you live in. When you moved, landscaping improvements probably helped you sell your home for more than you would have without them. Plants can influence which stores you shop in and what adventures you take your family on.

With plants providing so many positive influences and benefits to people, it is clear why the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association adopted the "Plants Love You" slogan to present this important story.

Plants show their love in so many ways. Research studies about their health benefits are surprising and fascinating, especially if quality of life is essential to you. The science behind the environmental benefits of plants is compelling in light of the growing effects of climate change. Data showing the economic benefits and social significance of plants on communities will interest homeowners, local policymakers, and decision-makers alike.

If you are a plant novice, don't worry; they love you, and with the help of horticulture professionals in greenhouses, nurseries, garden centres, florist shops, and landscaping companies, you are in good hands!