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AgriStability: should it be part of your company's BRM strategy?

Webinar Leader: Mark Hayward, Policy Analyst, AAFC BRM Programs Branch

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With no other production insurance products available to the nursery and greenhouse floriculture sectors, a solid understanding of AgriStability is essential to determining whether or not this program should be a part of your company's business risk management portfolio.   At the request of CNLA and Flowers Canada Growers (FCG), AAFC's Financial Programs Branch has agreed to offer this informational webinar designed specifically for Canada's wholesale nursery growers and greenhouse floriculture growers.

Integrated Pest Management

Webinar Leader: Peter Isaacson, IPM/Minor Use Coordinator, CNLA

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Since 2003, the CNLA has been involved in the registration of over 40 new insecticides, miticides, fungicides, herbicides and biopesticides for nursery growers in Canada.  Join Peter Isaacson, CNLA's IPM/Minor Use Coordinator to learn more about availability and use of pest control products currently available to nursery growers.  Peter will focus on some of the newest products and provide updates on future products making their way through PMRA's  registration process.  Time permitting; some updates on older chemistries re-evaluated by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency and some suggestions on managing hard to control pests such as fire blight and horsetail will be covered.  This is your opportunity to ask questions as well as to provide input into what's really bugging you and your nursery plants in the nursery production setting.

Tree Survivability in the Urban Landscape

Webinar Leader: Jason Lemay, Amy Lemay, VISTA Science and Technology

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This webinar session will describe the key findings and recommendations of the recently completed literature review "The impact of environmental stresses and the survivability of the urban landscape."  This literature review was commissioned by Landscape Ontario to provide the landscape and grower sectors of the industry a better understanding of the impact of environmental stresses on the survivability of urban landscape plantings and provides direction fir research initiatives intended to fill existing knowledge gaps.

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