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New measures for employers who seek to bring in workers through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The Government of Canada is also taking measures to improve flexibility and reduce the administrative burden for employers. The following measures are being applied proactively to all existing LMIA applications under review, as well as to new applications as they are received:

  • employers are not required to submit minor administrative changes to the LMIA that would not change the terms and conditions
  • recruitment requirements for LMIAs in key occupations related to the agriculture and agri-food sectors are being waived until October 31, 2020.
  • LMIAs in key occupations related to the agriculture and agri-food sectors will be be prioritized for processing.
  • the maximum duration of employment under LMIAs is increased from 1 to 2 years for employers of workers in the low-wage stream as part of a three-year pilot
  • employers applying under the Agricultural stream or Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program can submit a previously valid Housing Inspection Report (HIR), and
  • the name change processes for employers wishing to change the name of already identified foreign worker, for reasons related to COVID-19, has been expedited

More information can be found at the ESDC website at https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/services/foreign-workers.html.



Landscape Canada - COVID-19 suggested precautions

Garden Centres Canada - COVID-19 suggested precautions



For additional support, please visit Mental Health Resources.

CNLA Growers

To support the second item, AAFC has asked us to quantify the losses experienced and expected if things continue as they are now. I have developed a survey for primary producers to help CNLA estimate the amount of financial aid growers across Canada will need. This survey will be released weekly for the next little while to capture changes that occur week to week.

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Garden Centres Canada and COVID-19

This is a time of isolation and collaboration. Our GCC members and volunteers have been busy sharing ideas, suggestions, and advocating to keep retail garden centres open. The comradery and amount of sharing is heartwarming. We are together and we will get through this. We ask that you keep a keen eye on your Provincial Association’s website COVID response tabs, this is the best source in understanding what is going on for our sector.

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Practical steps for pandemic preparedness "COVID-19 Response Plan"

Public authorities in Canada and internationally are taking actions to respond to this emerging public health threat. The pandemic is challenging the way we socialize, work, communicate and interact in our communities.

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