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Paul Brydges

Landscape Ontario Representative

Brydges Landscape Architecture Inc
(519) 766-1331

Paul started out by cutting grass, raking leaves on the weekends to clients at the cottage. He expanded from there to building fences, and patio docks. His father was an engineer and taught him how to improve his skills. He started a small company and worked seasonally while going to university for Landscape architecture. From there clients kept asking him to do more things and more elaborate designs which lead to him to want to further his skills and take more education.

He has been on the board for Landscape Ontario for 10 years and through there has made a lot friends and colleagues that all want to change the profession for the better. When he was starting out, there was no mentorship or trade association to go to for help or guidance. He had to learn a lot of things the hard way and wants to help out and teach people who are getting into the profession to advance faster.

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